Eagle Walk Alpine Stories - Irene Prugger

Eagle Walk Alpine Stories

By Irene Prugger

  • Release Date: 2017-01-18
  • Genre: Alpinisme


The Eagle Walk lies at the heart of Tirol. This long-distance hiking trail leads from the west to the east of this beautiful region, crossing one stunning mountain chain after another.
Each mountain chain is full of stories: about how the mighty peaks themselves were formed, about legends from days gone by, and about the achievements of brave early alpinists. These stories have made many of these peaks famous in their own right, just as it has made their explorers modern-day “heroes”. It was these people – members of the Alpine Club, hut landlords and “Alpine sherpas” – who made the fearsome mountain world accessible to the general public by building paths and shelters in the most challenging conditions. It was they who conquered many mountain summits for the first time and scaled rock faces more difficult than anything that had been climbed before.

Hikers who know these stories will see the mountains, landscapes and trails with totally different eyes. Join us on a hike with a twist! On the following pages you will find 33 fascinating stories about the 33 stages of the Eagle Walk.