St. Piran's: Rescuing Pregnant Cinderella - Carol Marinelli

St. Piran's: Rescuing Pregnant Cinderella

By Carol Marinelli

  • Release Date: 2012-10-01
  • Genre: Contemporain


Will St. Piran's Cinderella get her happy-ever-after?

Single and pregnant, Dr. Izzy Bailey is nervous on her first day back at St. Piran's Hospital. Is everyone talking behind her back? It seems the only person to quiet the gossip—and the tiny babies—is neonatal nurse Diego Ramirez.

Diego can see the walls around Izzy's heart, but this knee-wobblingly charming Spaniard finds a way to make her smile. Until she goes into labor dangerously early…Watching Diego cradle her fragile newborn baby in his strong, tanned arms makes Izzy think this just might be the beginning of a fairy tale for all three of them….

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